Nigeria: States and Cities in the country

Nigeria, a country in the western part of Africa has 36 states with the federal capital teritory - Abuja. The country obtain her independence on October 1, 1960 and has grown to become the most populous African nation. There are many reasons why people love visiting Nigeria, among those reasons are: Richer Culture, Conducive Business Environment, Business Opportunities and few others.

To have more insight, you may want to look into the history of Nigeria -

Before going into more details, let's talk about the states in Nigeria.

Abuja - Federal Capital Teritory of Nigeria.

The following are the 36 states in Nigeria:

  1. Abia.
  2. Adamawa.
  3. Akwa Ibom.
  4. Anambra.
  5. Bauchi.
  6. Bayelsa.
  7. Benue.
  8. Borno.
  9. Cross River.
  10. Delta.
  11. Ebonyi.
  12. Enugu.
  13. Edo.
  14. Ekiti.
  15. Gombe.
  16. Imo.
  17. Jigawa.
  18. Kaduna.
  19. Kano.
  20. Katsina.
  21. Kebbi.
  22. Kogi.
  23. Kwara.
  24. Lagos.
  25. Nasarawa.
  26. Niger.
  27. Ogun.
  28. Ondo.
  29. Osun.
  30. Oyo.
  31. Plateau.
  32. Rivers.
  33. Sokoto.
  34. Taraba.
  35. Yobe.
  36. Zamfara

I will take a look at each state of the federation as we go along. Within each of the state, I will look at the uniqueness of the cities within the state and why you may want to live there. While doing that, I will also look into each state strengths in terms of business opportunities.